How To Replace 2004 Honda crv headlight assembly

So this video will show you how to remove and replace 2004 Honda crv headlight assembly so this is the new headlight that we have here it the one I have is the Silver Star made by Sylvania 9003 slash Headlight Bulb 4 and it’s a really bright headlight performance Honda headlight. So that’s a. And you go a bit more light free money so it would first thing we’re going to do is remove the old one Honda CRV simply pull this plug off here. And then you’ll notice that there’s this protective rubber gasket.

2004 Honda crv headlight assemblyPull it by this little tab at the bottom. Then remove it. That’s good expose you can see here the back of the light bomb go up prongs. But inside I’m going to be a show you this on here inside there’s a metal clip that’s holding this light in place. You wanna find the top of that cliff. Push it in and push it up. Pull it out. Then push it to the side like that. The light back in with the tabs 2 tabs facing down one tab facing up. Alright so I’ve got my. New light. Here I’ve got the 2 what 2 tabs facing down and angle and the ones have facing up. Okay, owned it for Move the clip out of the way again picture this pull back. Feel around in there. The new light in 2004 Honda crv headlight assembly Into the right spot. Now. Gonna pull this clip back over. So I’m gonna put it in careful push it up.

Endowment Neligh their clip is nice and secure. And I can pull on this and make sure it’s not gonna come out. And that is actually in there. Now we’re gonna reinstall this gasket here and we’re going to put this little thing down is actually thing on here is this top and bottom so you can actually remember that pretty easily. Make sure don’t and that tends. Andrea. A light bulb and make sure this is in their nice and snug because. Guys actually. Preventing water from getting into the Honda crv headlight assembly can damaging. And then I would have to do. Is there a reply again the Sir wire here. And that’s how you change the light bulb. On a 2004 CRV.