Traffic Safety from the Volkswagen California.

Volkswagen CaliforniaA lot of attention is paid to the development traffic safety of Volkswagen California. In this model, intelligent driver assistance systems are installed that make driving becomes not only safer, but also more comfortable. Improved overview; yes, that at night side light is very useful for the driver; Volkswagen California packaging also includes Side Assist system and the Rear Assist – the first one with the help of radar checks “dead zone” of mirror, and the second – what is behind the car.

The vehicle has a control unit, which receives information about the state of the fuel tank, batteries, water tanks, etc. With regard to the water tanks, it should be borne in mind that the neck of the tank is located near the fuel tank cap and be attentive.

Volkswagen California can be converted into different modes of driving. Inexperienced drivers is recommended to use «auto» mode, more experienced, depending on the circumstances, may translate car in modes «parking», «off road», etc. Another handy feature is the ability of the car to go down during the landing of the passengers and to climb for further drive.