How to protect your car against corrosion.

car againstStepping off the assembly line, the car already has some protection. Body is covered with primer, on top of which a special paint is applied. However, after drying in both of these layers capillaries and micro pores are formed. In addition, standard enamels haven’t chemisorption properties, in other words, are not capable to form a chemical bond with the metal to which it is applied. It leads to the fact that between the ink layer and the body bubbles are formed. The size of the water molecules and aggressive chemicals is small enough so that they penetrate through to the capillaries. In the microcavities their interaction with the metal begins, which leads to corrosion, firstly low and then highly damaging to the housing. In such a situation, there is nothing left but to protect your car by applying a protective coating.

For this purpose, there are special polymeric coatings produced in the form of polishing pastes, liquids, and aerosols. Their application to the body can be performed by yourself or in car services.